What makes the ariadne® electric marine propulsion unit so unique?

The ariadne® electrical ship’s engine is the result of intensive collaboration with the inventor and manufacturer.

This delivers the following advantages:

Total control of the development and production process.

  1. We have an intimate understanding of the product. We are able to provide a speedy response to any question. When the weather is right your clients want to sail as speedily as possible, with no holdups. Short lines of communication are crucial in the water sports sector.
  2. All electronics are developed and manufactured in-house. Any components we buy in are modified and then tested. We also write all the software ourselves. Many boat-builders and hobbyists involved in water sports have attempted to build engines, but we confine ourselves to the field in which we are truly expert: electronics. Our printed circuits are made and tested by personnel with more than three decades of experience in industrial electronics. Assembly is carried out in-house, using top grade machinery.
  3. We are flexible. Maybe you or your yard have a special ship which needs a special frame: we have developed the ariadne® Individual for situations like that.
  4. We always act in partnership with our clients, thinking through the problems with them. Arrogance is not one of our qualities! We will give advice or assist you with your project, so you won’t ever be left to sort things out on your own. We are happy to share our specialist expertise with clients.
  5. We promote ariadne® products and dealers on a global basis.

Electric engines: why and where?

Electric propulsion for boats is gaining rapidly in popularity, but more than that, it is increasingly being made mandatory in quiet zones, which are often the most attractive areas to sail in.
Electric motors have one clear advantage: they are more powerful than diesel engines, and that means they are more economical.
Further advantages of electric propulsion over diesel engines:


  1. The electric motor is almost silent, so you can easily hold a conversation on board.
  2. Electric motors are emission-free, so they are good for the environment but also for those on board, as they don’t have to breathe exhaust fumes.
  3. An electric motor has plenty of power right through its RPM range.
  4. The ariadne® motor is virtually maintenance-free.


  1. An ariadne® motor is cheaper to buy than the majority of diesel engines. The majority of electric motors are by contrast more expensive than fuel engines, so this is an area in which the ariadne® really sets itself apart.
  2. An electric motor does need batteries and a battery charger, and that cost has to be added to the price of an electric motor.
  3. Because the entire system is delivered as a pre-assembled package, the installation time for an ariadne ® motor is significantly shorter than for other brands, which are delivered with lot of separate components and accessories.
  4. Many provincial and local authorities provide subsidies for electric propulsion, for example Watersport Friesland with their subsidy for the use of lithium batteries. Subsidies provide a serious sales argument for the dealer and a serious purchase argument for the boat owner. The available subsidy can go as high as €4,800.
  5. The list of regions where only electric propulsion is permitted continues to grow, and many of the most beautiful natural areas are no longer accessible to diesel-powered craft. What is going to happen to the value of a boat where electric power is made mandatory? To protect the residual value of your purchase it is better to go electric from the outset. Don’t get caught out like the vintage car enthusiasts: the government brings in new tax rules and suddenly that old car is virtually worthless.

Why use an ariadne®electric motor?

An ariadne® electric motor has many advantages over other brands, setting a new standard for electric propulsion.

Quality and price

  1. Quality. A great deal of thought has gone into our products. All components are selected and assembled with the greatest care. One less thing for you to worry about.
  2. Price. Ariadne® motors are more favourably priced than most alternatives, due largely to our close collaboration with the inventors/manufacturers.
  3. The price of an ariadne®motor includes pre-assembly complete with frame, fixing flange, proportional lever, display, smart motor management system, digital keys and more. The price is therefore for a complete package. Options like a battery and charger, propeller shaft and propeller are not included. We can provide you with an itemised quotation for these items.
  4. Deal with us and you can be confident you are getting value for money. For example we supply an expensive stainless steel proportional lever with a CAN bus system.
  5. Our motors have a very high efficiency rating, with little energy lost in the form of heat. This is important for electric propulsion as the supply of energy on board is limited.

Everything in a single frame.

  1. The entire system is built into a robust frame. Easy to install, even with no previous experience. No risk of faulty installation. No separate components or trailing cables.
  2. Putting everything on one frame prevents faults.
  3. Virtually every other manufacturer provides a proportional lever with a potentiometer, but the pot meter is vulnerable to wear and is a frequent source of breakdowns which will inevitably need to be replaced at some point. So we don’t use them, instead we provide precise and reliable CAN bus controls.
  4. ariadne®motors come with a superb stainless steel proportional lever with advanced electronics as standard, supplying the motor with precisely the power it needs via the CAN bus system. All this expensive electronics gear comes as standard with the ariadne® package.


  1. The ariadne® system features a simple display screen with a meter indicating the amount of current still available and the amount presently being drawn.
  2. The panel is clearly laid out and easy to read. The green zone indicates economical and long-distance sailing. The panel also clearly indicates whether the motor is in forward or reverse gear. No complications with ammeter readings, just an easily understood display.

Digital keys

The motor is activated using a digital key. We took this route because it makes the motor and the vessel it’s installed in unattractive to thieves. The motor management system reads off the key code. It often happens that the key of a rented boat is copied and the boat is then stolen.

Smart motor management system and secure hire mode.

  1. The smart motor management system keeps the batteries in optimal condition and ensures that you can keep sailing even with reduced battery power. If the batteries are being discharged too rapidly the motor management system will intervene. You could compare it to a reserve fuel tank. So even when the capacity is low it will still be possible to get home using this system, a massive achievement.
  2. The secure hire mode helps boat hirers to sail in safety. A hirer may for example need a short burst of high power for an emergency stop, to cross quickly over a canal or to avoid another vessel. Once the manoeuvre is complete the motor management system will automatically switch to a lower power setting, providing freedom but avoiding continuous high power consumption.


There are a number of possible battery options. One popular choice is a 6 or 12V DC battery with a capacity of around 250 Ah.
Lithium batteries are another possibility. These are light in weight but they are not cheap.

Important note:

  1. The total voltage required is 48 V DC, so it’s a matter of coupling batteries together.
  2. Increased sailing range can of course be achieved by doubling up the number of batteries installed and connecting them in parallel. For a further discussion of batteries see www.seaflo.nl.

Battery charger

There are numerous manufacturers of solid and reliable battery chargers, we would recommend the dedicated ariadne® charger.
See www.ariadne-marine.nl

A number of important points need to be taken into account:

  1. The battery room must be adequately ventilated, see www.seaflo.nl.
  2. The charging capacity needs to be around 10% of the total capacity of the batteries.
  3. So if we suppose there is 250 Ah installed, there must then be a minimum of 25 Amps of charging capacity on board.
  4. A bridging frame will be required to take the considerable weight where the batteries are placed above the motor.

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